Firas M. Isa

Founder and CEO of Virtual Assets, LLC
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Firas Isa is the co-founder and CEO of Crypto Dispensers, a leading provider of Bitcoin ATMs in the United States. A graduate of political science, Firas has a track record of identifying and investing in disruptive companies at an early stage. His deep understanding of the global economy, particularly the role of fiat currency, led him to recognize the potential of cryptocurrencies to revolutionize the financial system and protect against inflation. In 2015, he invested in Bitcoin and later founded Crypto Dispensers to make it easy and convenient for individuals to access and invest in cryptocurrencies. Today, the company offers fast, safe, and convenient ways to buy Bitcoin with cash, helping to promote financial inclusion and empower people around the world. Firas is always looking for new investment opportunities and is dedicated to building a more balanced and equitable economy through the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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Firas M. Isa

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