Firas M. Isa

Founder and CEO of Virtual Assets, LLC d/b/a Crypto Dispensers
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Chicago-based entrepreneur, Firas Isa, stands at the forefront of financial innovation. As the Founder and CEO of Virtual Assets, LLC d/b/a Crypto Dispensers, Firas is not just building a business, but a mission – to democratize access to the transformative power of cryptocurrency. His academic foundation was laid at Loyola University, and he further honed his perspective on global systems and political dynamics with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from St. Xavier University. This education gave him a profound understanding of the vulnerabilities inherent in traditional financial systems. However, it was his early entrepreneurial ventures that truly shaped his path. After an insightful stint in law school, Firas felt the pull of entrepreneurship. He saw its potential, not just as a means for personal success, but as a platform for broader impact. This realization led him to tap into the emerging market of Airbnb in Chicago, launching Five Star Vacation Rentals, a nod to his knack for seizing timely opportunities. But his true calling was yet to come. Drawn to the revolutionary promise of Bitcoin, Firas became an early investor. He perceived Bitcoin not merely as a digital asset but as a beacon for financial transparency, freedom, and a hedge against the pitfalls of fiat currencies. With the momentum of his early Bitcoin investments, he established Crypto Dispensers—aimed at making Bitcoin and other digital currencies comprehensively accessible. In 2020, ever the innovator, Firas collaborated with Green Dot Bank to introduce CDReload. This groundbreaking service facilitates the conversion of cash into Bitcoin at ubiquitous retail stores, bridging the chasm between everyday shopping and the exciting world of crypto. Under Firas's guidance, Crypto Dispensers stands as more than a business. It's a movement, advocating for a shift from traditional, often restrictive financial systems to a decentralized, empowering digital currency landscape. By offering sound currency options and educating the masses, Firas Isa is undoubtedly crafting a future where cryptocurrency isn't an alternative but an evident choice for those seeking genuine financial empowerment.

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Firas M. Isa

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Crypto Dispensers Proudly Announces CDReload, the new service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin with cash.
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Knoxville's West Town Mall has a Bitcoin ATM
Now, you won't be able to physically take anything out of the machine but you can go put cash in it to purchase bitcoin. Find out more.
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