Crypto Dispensers Unleashes CDReload at 16k+ Locations Nationwide

Instantly add cash to your account with CDReload by Crypto Dispensers

Chicago, IL – Virtual Assets, LLC d/b/a Crypto Dispensers is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Green Dot Corporation (NYSE:GDOT) to enable customers to purchase cryptocurrency with cash. This new service leverages Green Dot’s mobile and web-enabled barcode generation system and thousands of Green Dot retail locations to provide a new cash-loading option for purchasing major cryptocurrencies. Through this integration, users will now be able to securely and conveniently add cash to their Crypto Dispensers accounts at thousands of participating retailers.

CDReload, an online cryptocurrency exchange platform provided by Virtual Assets, has started to invite users to register on their new website. The site has been designed to offer investors an innovative medium to purchase major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, with fiat money. Created with the user experience in mind, the site will allow verified customers to fund their accounts with cash by visiting any participating retailer in the country.

“We’re reinventing what people can do with their cash,” says Firas Isa, Founder of Virtual Assets, creator of the Crypto Dispensers online site. Utilizing Green Dot’s innovative cash reload network, our customers can now load their accounts with cash. Once the cash has been loaded, our customers can buy and transfer cryptocurrency instantly from their desktop or mobile browser. We are thrilled to enable people from all walks of life to invest in crypto quickly, securely and conveniently.”

As the name implies, “Green Dot @ the Register” allows users to fund their Crypto Dispensers account by simply going to the register at any participating retailer. After scanning the customer’s barcode, the cashier collects the cash the consumer wishes to load to their Crypto Dispensers account, along with any applicable reload fees. The retailer’s terminal is connected to Green Dot’s data processing center, where Green Dot can see the transaction in real-time, allowing Crypto Dispensers to automatically credit loaded funds to the customer’s account.

To load your Crypto Dispensers account, simply follow these steps:

1. Register by verifying your identity at

2. Load between $20 to $500 using the barcode for a fee of up to $4.95.
3. The credit will appear in your account at the next login within 10 minutes.
4. Add a cryptocurrency wallet address to your account.
5. Use the credit to instantly buy and send cryptocurrency.
6. Reload and repeat.

“The process for purchasing cryptocurrency at participating Green Dot @ the Register locations is not only simple, but also much safer and more secure than using traditional Bitcoin ATMs,” Isa states. “Ultimately, this integration breaks down entry barriers to digital money and creates greater financial opportunities for hardworking individuals.”

CDReload by Crypto Dispensers is available at more than 16,000 retailer locations, a comprehensive list of which can be found by visiting the new Crypto Dispensers website. Virtual Assets is also currently coordinating with additional retailers to further expand their new service.

For more information about Crypto Dispensers, or to locate a participating retailer near you, please visit

About the Company:

Virtual Assets is a cryptocurrency exchange company based in Chicago, IL with a mission to contribute in the effort of taking cryptocurrency mainstream. Through this new partnership users will now be able to instantly add cash to their CDReload accounts to buy and send cryptocurrencies at thousands of participating retailer locations across the country. 

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