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Pual is the Product Manager at Crypto Dispensers. Paul's work is all about understanding the business goals and creating a clear vision for the team to execute. He works very closely with designers, business analysts and marketers to create strategies that deliver value in users' lives.Together with Firas Isa (Crypto Dispensers CEO) share his vision to offers the fastest, safest and most convenient ways to buy Bitcoin with cash throughout the United States through a quick and easy process.Paul started his career as a Software developer, he worked with technologies such as React Js and Typescript. He is also proficient at working with Node Js, to build scalable applications. Later on, the experience and skills that he gained as a software developer are what set him on his career path of becoming a CEO and confounder of Seistreinta, a fast-growing and global company delivering remarkable software development services, where he cofound Alvaria a mobile app to manage HOA and Vendify a mobile CRM integrated to Whatsapp, Facebook and more. He firmly believes that working as a team while sharing the knowledge is the best way to achieve the goals.Paul has a natural passion for technology and innovation, he always keeps up with every tendency and he's always looking for new opportunities to keep learning and improve his knowledge. He considers himself an entrepreneur at heart and the entrepreneur spirit is the driving force that allows him to achieve his goals. He's always curious about what's next!

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