Erick Aldaz

UX Designer
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Erick is a seasoned UX Designer with a penchant for crafting digital products that profoundly influence businesses and individuals. His designs stem from a harmonious blend of business insights, user needs, creativity, and superior design principles. With a knack for addressing complex challenges, he consistently delivers effective design solutions. Originally initiating his career as an Android developer, Erick swiftly recognized the paramount importance of user experience in every digital touchpoint, be it a website, application, or system. This realization propelled him to specialize in UX, dedicating his craft to creating impeccable user experiences for a diverse clientele across the globe. Erick's contributions epitomize the fusion of technology and design. His creations are not just visually appealing; they encapsulate both user aspirations and business objectives. He believes that exceptional digital products transcend aesthetics. They offer utility, ease of use, and a delightful experience, whether showcased on mobile apps, websites, TVs, or watches. Boasting over a decade of professional expertise, Erick's passion for technology, business, and innovation is palpable. He's collaborated with an array of leading startups and esteemed companies worldwide, leaving an indelible mark with his design acumen.

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