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Erick is a UX Designer who enjoys designing and building digital products that impact businesses and person's lives through a deeper understanding of the business, user needs, creativity, and good design. He excels at solving complex problems with the implementation of effective design solutions. Erick started his career as an Android developer, but in the process, he was amazed at how the user experience plays an important role in every website, application, or system. He then specialized in UX and cofounded Seistreinta where he crates remarkable user experiences for many clients worldwide.Erick's work always reminds us of why we love technology, he has the ability to create and deliver top digital products that combine and meet the user's needs and the business's needs. He believes that a good digital product is about more than just design: it is about creating a useful, usable product or service that people will enjoy using. This can include anything from mobile apps to websites, from TVs to watches.Erick is an individual with a passion for technology, business, and innovation. He has more than 10 years of professional experience and has had the opportunity to work with leading startups, companies, and software companies around the world

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