Bitcoin ATMs: A Thing of the Past?

CDReload offers a cash-to-crypto solution that eliminates the need for traditional Bitcoin ATMs.
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CHICAGO, IL, USA, January 26, 2023 / -- Say goodbye to the inconvenience and high fees of traditional Bitcoin ATMs. Crypto Dispensers now offers a revolutionary service that allows anyone to easily buy Bitcoin with cash at thousands of retail locations nationwide.Introducing CDReload, a revolutionary service offered by Crypto Dispensers that allows users to buy Bitcoin with cash, without ever having to drive long distances to use a Bitcoin ATM ever again.CDReload allows users to deposit cash directly to their account at thousands of retail stores nationwide. By generating a custom barcode on the CDReload website, customers can simply hand the cashier at the register their cash (up to $500 per transaction), and the barcode on their phone. The teller will take care of the rest, and funds will be loaded to your account almost instantly. As an added bonus, all new customers who make their first deposit with CDReload will receive $25 free to their account to put towards their first Bitcoin purchase."CDReload makes cash to crypto transactions much more efficient than using a Bitcoin ATM, by reducing the costs that Bitcoin ATM operators have to pay to offer the same exact service," said Sabreen Rihan, Co-Founder of Crypto Dispensers.

CDReload makes cash to crypto transactions more efficient than using a Bitcoin ATM”— Sabreen Rihan

Additionally, many of our retail locations are open 24/7, making it possible for customers to buy Bitcoin at any time of the day. With CDReload, users have the flexibility to buy Bitcoin whenever they want, and in whatever amount they choose. Unlike Bitcoin ATMs, which require users to buy Bitcoin at the time of deposit, CDReload allows customers to hold onto their funds and make purchases or send Bitcoin to their designated wallet at their own convenience.This innovative service by Crypto Dispensers is now available to the growing number of Bitcoin enthusiasts, providing them with the flexibility to buy Bitcoin with cash at anytime, offering a new convenient alternative to traditional Bitcoin ATMs.Crypto Dispensers is also proud to announce that they are currently in the process of expanding its services to include the purchase of Bitcoin through various methods such as debit/credit card, ACH transfers, and Apple Pay. These new payment methods will be available on the company's website, in addition to CDReload which is already available at over 16,000 retail stores nationwide and growing. This diversification of payment options makes it easier than ever for customers to buy Bitcoin, regardless of their preferred method of payment.For more information about CDReload, please visit the Crypto Dispensers website or contact us directly.

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Experience the Simplicity and Convenience of Buying Bitcoin with Crypto Dispensers

Thank you for choosing Crypto Dispensers as your trusted source for all things Bitcoin. At Crypto Dispensers, we aim to make buying Bitcoin simple and accessible to everyone. Whether you prefer to buy Bitcoin at one of our Bitcoin ATMs or through our CDReload service we are here to make your crypto journey seamless and convenient.

With an extensive network of Bitcoin ATMs across numerous states, Crypto Dispensers makes it easy for you to deposit cash and purchase Bitcoin in considerable amounts daily. Beyond that, our CDReload service empowers you to deposit cash at thousands of retail stores nationwide using just your phone. We're dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience with us. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out. Dive into the world of Bitcoin with us today.

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Our Bitcoin ATMs and CDReload locations make it easy to buy Bitcoin quickly and securely with cash. To start, simply find a Crypto Dispensers location near you.

Once you've found a Bitcoin ATM or CDReload location, deposit cash, and then receive your Bitcoins. It's that simple! With Crypto Dispensers, buying Bitcoins has never been more convenient.

Earn $25 USD on your first transaction!
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Get More Crypto With Crypto Dispensers

Our Bitcoin ATMs make it easy to purchase Bitcoins quickly and securely. To start, simply locate a Crypto Dispensers Bitcoin ATM near you using our ATM locator. Once you've found an ATM, select the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase, scan your QR code for your cryptocurrency wallet, deposit cash, and then receive your Bitcoins. It's that simple! With our ATMs, buying Bitcoins has never been more convenient
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Earn $25 USD on your first transaction!
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